Workplace massage-Because your team deserve it!

Introducing massage at workplace is a small gesture but have a big impact on
wellness for your staff!

Create a happy workplace today!

Benefits to companies:

Benefits to employees:

What to expect:

On-site chair massage is an oil free, fully clothed refreshing, rejuvenating mini
massage treatment.

During the treatment the therapist using a specially designed ergonomic
massage chair and applying pressure focusing on your back, neck, shoulders,
arms and head.

This is a stress relieving treatments when the therapist using a combination of
massage movements as acupressure, trigger point, Table Thai techniques and
stretching movements.

It is a fully clothed and oil free massage so you do not need to undress and no
mess on your clothes or hair!
The treatment makes you feel relaxed and energised straight away and helps
to increase energy for the rest of the day.

chair massage

Places where we recommend our service:

Why chose us:

Just wanted to say what a great 3 hours we just had. Anett was the loveliest lady ever.
We have been working with Anett for around a year, on a fortnightly basis. She is our teams favourite therapist! Anett is always professional, punctual and very quickly established a good relation with every member of our staff. Her service is highly recommended and the chair massage provides a great way to relax during a busy day.

Minimum booking is 3 hours.

Treatment length can be 15-30 minutes

3 hours package £180

15 minutes | 12 Treatments​

20 minutes | 9 Treatments​

30 minutes | 6 Treatments​

4 hours package £220​

15 minutes | 16 Treatments​

20 minutes | 12 Treatments​

30 minutes | 8 Treatments​

5 hours package £280

15 minutes | 20 Treatments

20 minutes | 15 Treatments

30 minutes | 8 Treatments

6 hours package £330

15 minutes | 24 Treatments

20 minutes | 18 Treatments

30 minutes | 12 Treatments

*To enhance the quality of your experience a 5 minutes change-over is
scheduled between each treatment


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