Create a happy workplace today! 

Because your team deserve it! 

Introducing massage at workplace is a small gesture but have a big impact on wellness of your hardworking staff! 

It’s not only a cost-effective solution but a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience! 

Harmony Wellbeing offers professional massage treatment with over 7 year’s experience at the City of London’s prestigious companies & locations,  competitive and transparent pricing with no compromise on quality and service. Employee health and wellbeing have a direct influence on productivity and the quality of performance at work. Hence, it’s incredibly important to have workplace wellbeing considered as part of your organisation’s operations.

Research has shown that good wellbeing within the workplace can offer:

Benefits to employees:

Why chose us:

Workplace massage is not only limited to offices. Here are a few examples of where we can also help:

Workplace massage – Because your team deserve it!

We have been working with Anett for around 2 years, on a fortnightly basis. She is our teams favourite therapist! Anett is always professional, punctual and very quickly established a good relation with every member of our staff. Her service is highly recommended and the chair massage provides a great way to relax during a busy day.
Just a quick email to say “thank you” for attending our health event on Tuesday. Your presence and engagement helped to make it a success. The event was well attended, and the feedback received so far has been very positive. Your chair massage was a hit. The only negative feedback I received was that there weren’t enough massage sessions!! 😊
Just wanted to say what a great 3 hours we just had. Anett was the loveliest lady ever.


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