So you’ve booked your home massage with our professional therapist but you’re a little unsure what to expect?

Don’t fret, I’ve outlined everything you need to know about our home visits below:

  • I’ll arrive at your house with my foldable massage table and a range of oils for you to choose from depending on your treatment
  • All equipment is sanitised prior to arrival
  • I have my own car so no issues with public transport
  • You will need to provide your own towels to prevent any cross infection
  • I’ll do a consultation around your general health/condition including your medical history and any possible contraindications
  • We’ll discuss your expectations relating to your chosen treatment – ie whether you want a general, refreshing massage, or if you need to reduce muscle stiffness and concentrate on a particular troublesome area of your body, or to increase mobility, relaxation etc.
  • Each treatment is tailor made to you and your preferred level of pressure
  • You’ll get after care advice, such as stretching techniques etc.
  • As I only take on a limited number of bookings per day I can  guarantee the quality of the service I provide

I hope this has gone some way to putting your mind at rest.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you prefer you can chat with us below, email or call 020 3026 0756. You can also contact us by instant messenger using Facebook.

We hope to see you soon!

Anette – 24 | 02 | 2021

Mini Educational Series

Did you know that massage therapy can give you so much more than relaxation ‘alone’?

When you hear the word ‘massage’ you probably visualise a clean, dimmed room with a client just about to fall asleep on a massage table while enjoying long, relaxing strokes by the massage therapist.
And this is absolutely right!
Some of the most beneficial effects of massage is that it can reduce stress, increase relaxation, address and help you to cope with anxiety and depression.
However, even more now than ever, massage is proving to be not only effective as a primary treatment but also as an add on treatment for many medical conditions.
The research being conducted on massage therapy demonstrates that it is effective for reducing chronic and acute physical pain.
Massage aids in the recovery process as it shortens the time taken to recuperate from injuries in the short-term and reduces the need for pain medication and surgery in the long-term.
Massage therapy is no longer limited to spa days and get-away weekends. It can become an integral part of your life, especially if you suffer from any of these conditions:
• Physical pain such as back, neck, or shoulder pain
• Muscle tension, stiffness, ie “knots”
• Limited range of motion
• Headaches & migraines
• Lumbar pain
• Sciatica
• Tiredness during pregnancy
This is why we believe that massage therapy is “not just a treat, but a treatment!”
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Anette – 01 | 04 | 2021
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